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       dns_txt - TXT records


       #include <dns.h>

       dns_txt(&out, &fqdn);
       dns_txt_packet(&out, buf, len);
         stralloc out = {0};
         stralloc fqdn = {0};
         char *buf;
         unsigned int len;


       dns_txt  looks  up  TXT  records for the fully-qualified domain name in
       fqdn.  It puts the concatenation  of  the  TXT  records  into  out  and
       returns 0.  If the domain does not exist in DNS, or has no TXT records,
       out will be empty.

       If dns_txt has trouble with the DNS lookup or runs out  of  memory,  it
       returns -1, setting errno appropriately.  It may or may not change out.

       dns_txt_packet is a low-level component of dns_txt, designed to support
       asynchronous  DNS  lookups.   It  reads a DNS packet of length len from
       buf, extracts the TXT records from the answer section  of  the  packet,
       puts the results into out, and returns 0 or -1 the same way as dns_txt.


       dns_domain(3), dns_ip4(3), dns_ip4_qualify(3), dns_mx(3), dns_name4(3),
       dns_packet(3), dns_random(3), dns_transmit(3)