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       CWHOIS - whois client


       cwhois       [-a|-F|-L|-m|-M|-r|-S|-R]      [-h      hostname]      [-s
       source[[,source]...]] [-T type[[,type]...]] [-i attr[[,attr]...]] keys

       cwhois [-t type]

       cwhois [-v type]


       cwhois Simple whois client that gives you back output, compatiable with
       RIPE DB v2, if you’ll ask it to.


       -a     search all databases

       -F     fast raw output

       -L     find all Less specific matches

       -m     find first level more specific matches

       -M     find all More specific matches

       -r     turn off recursive lookups

       -S     tell server to leave out ’syntactic sugar’

       -R     force  to  show  local  copy  of  the  domain  object even if it
              contains referral

       -h hostname
              search alternate server

       -s source[[,source]...]
              search databases with source ’source’

       -T type[[,type]...]
              only look for objects of type ’type’

       -i attr[[,attr]...]
              do an inverse lookup for specified attributes

       -t type
              requests template for object of type ’type’

       -v type
              requests verbose template for object of type ’type’


       Please note that most of these flags are NOT  understood  by  non  RIPE
       whois servers!


       Website <>


       CWHOIS was written by Timur Bakeyev <>.

       This  manual page was written by Jan Wagner <>, for the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).