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       compression_overview - File compression Coin can support reading and
       writing Inventor and VRML files compressed with either gzip or bzip2
       (as of yet - more formats may come in the future). This functionality
       is of course only enabled when Coin can link with the corresponding
       compression libraries.

       Reading of compressed files happens in a transparent manner - there is
       nothing the developer has to do to support this.

       Writing of compressed files is controlled through the
       SoOutput::setCompression method.

       The list of available compression methods can be fetched with the
       SoOutput::getAvailableCompressionMethods method.

       You can not use file compression together with I/O to memory buffers,
       except for reading from memory buffers containing gzip-compressed

       For backwards compatibility with Coin 2.0 and Coin 1.0, compressed
       files must not be used. Compressed files works only from Coin 2.1 and

           Coin 2.1

       See also:
           SoOutput::setCompression, SoOutput::getAvailableCompressionMethods