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       class SoQtGLWidget
           The SoQtGLWidget class manages OpenGL contexts.

       This is the basic, abstract component class which sets up an OpenGL
       canvas for its subclasses. "
   class SoQtRenderArea
       The SoQtRenderArea class adds scenegraph handling and event management.

       The SoQtRenderArea class is a component that adds scenegraph management
       and input device event handling to the SoQtGLWidget component. "
   class SoQtViewer
       The SoQtViewer class is the top level base viewer class.

       This is an abstract class, which adds the following features to it’s
       SoQtRenderArea superclass: convenient methods for camera handling, an
       automatic headlight configuration. "
   class SoQtFullViewer
       The SoQtFullViewer class adds some user interface components to the
       viewer canvas.

       The SoQtFullViewer is an abstract viewer class which extends it’s
       superclass (the basic SoQtViewer class) with two major user interface
       additions:. "
   class SoQtPlaneViewer
       The SoQtPlaneViewer class is for examining 3D models by moving the
       camera in orthogonal planes.

       The SoQtPlaneViewer is a viewer that is useful for ’CAD-style’
       applications, where you want the end-user to examine your model with
       the viewpoint set from one of the three principal axes. "
   class SoQtExaminerViewer
       The SoQtExaminerViewer class is a 3D-model examination viewer.

       This class is the viewer considered to be the most ’general purpose’
       viewer, and it is often used in rapid prototyping to examine simple
       models aswell as complete scenes (although for the latter, you might be
       better off with one of the other viewer classes). "
   class SoQtConstrainedViewer
       The SoQtConstrainedViewer class is the superclass for viewers with
       constrains on the viewpoint.

       This abstract viewer class adds new methods to keep the camera in an
       upright position according to some arbitrary up-direction. The up-
       direction can be decided by either the application programmer (by using
       SoQtConstrainedViewer::setUpDirection()) or the end-user, through
       interaction mechanisms defined by the subclasses. "

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