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       comedi_loglevel - change Comedilib logging properties


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int comedi_loglevel (int loglevel);


       This  function  affects the output of debugging and error messages from
       Comedilib.   By   increasing   the   loglevel,   additional   debugging
       information  will be printed.  Error and debugging messages are printed
       to the stream stderr.

       The default loglevel can be  set  by  using  the  environment  variable
       COMEDI_LOGLEVEL.  The default loglevel is 1.

       In  order to conserve resources, some debugging information is disabled
       by default when Comedilib is compiled.

       The meaning of the loglevels is as follows:

       COMEDI_LOGLEVEL=0  Comedilib prints nothing.

       COMEDI_LOGLEVEL=1  (default) Comedilib prints error messages when there
       is a self-consistency error (i.e., an internal bug.)

       COMEDI_LOGLEVEL=2   Comedilib  prints  an error message when an invalid
       parameter is passed.

       COMEDI_LOGLEVEL=3  Comedilib prints an error message whenever an  error
       is  generated in the Comedilib library or in the C library, when called
       by Comedilib.

       COMEDI_LOGLEVEL=4  Comedilib prints a lot of junk.


       This function returns the previous loglevel.

                                28 October 2007