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       comedi_get_cmd_generic_timed - streaming input/output capabilities


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int  comedi_get_cmd_generic_timed  (comedi_t  *  device,  unsigned  int
       subdevice, comedi_cmd * command, unsigned  int  chanlist_len,  unsigned
       int scan_period_ns);


       The  command  capabilities of the subdevice indicated by the parameters
       device and subdevice are probed, and the results placed in the  command
       structure  pointed  to by the parameter command.  The command structure
       pointed to by the parameter command is modified to be a  valid  command
       that  can be used as a parameter to comedi_command() (after the command
       has been assigned a valid chanlist array).  The command measures  scans
       consisting  of chanlist_len channels at a scan rate that corresponds to
       the period scan_period_ns.  The rate is adjusted to  a  rate  that  the
       device can handle.  If sucessful, 0 is returned, otherwise -1.

                                28 October 2007COMEDI_GET_CMD_GENERIC_TIMED(3)