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       comedi_dio_bitfield2 - read/write multiple digital channels


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int  comedi_dio_bitfield2  (comedi_t  * device, unsigned int subdevice,
       unsigned  int  write_mask,  unsigned   int   *   bits,   unsigned   int


       The function comedi_dio_bitfield2() allows multiple channels to be read
       or written together on a digital input, output, or configurable digital
       I/O  device.  The parameter write_mask and the value pointed to by bits
       are  interpreted  as  bit  fields,  with  the  least  significant   bit
       representing  channel base_channel.  For each bit in write_mask that is
       set to 1, the cooresponding bit in *bits  is  written  to  the  digital
       output channel.  After writing all the output channels, each channel is
       read, and the result placed in  the  approprate  bits  in  *bits.   The
       result  of  reading  an output channel is the last value written to the
       output channel.

       All the channels may not be read or written at  the  exact  same  time.
       For example, the driver may need to sequentially write to several ports
       in order to set all the digital channels specified by the write_mask.

                                28 October 2007