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       comedi_data_write - write single sample to channel


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int  comedi_data_write  (comedi_t  *  device,  unsigned  int subdevice,
       unsigned int channel, unsigned int range, unsigned int  aref,  lsampl_t


       Writes  a  single sample on the channel that is specified by the Comedi
       device device, the subdevice subdevice, and the  channel  channel.   If
       appropriate,  the device is configured to use range specification range
       and analog reference type aref.  Analog reference types  that  are  not
       supported by the device are silently ignored.

       The function comedi_data_write() writes the data value specified by the
       parameter data to the specified channel.

       On  sucess,  comedi_data_write()  returns  1  (the  number  of  samples
       written).  If there is an error, -1 is returned.

                                28 October 2007