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       comedi_data_read_delayed  -  read  single  sample  from  channel  after
       delaying for specified settling time


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int  comedi_data_read_delayed  (comedi_t   *   device,   unsigned   int
       subdevice, unsigned int channel, unsigned int range, unsigned int aref,
       lsampl_t * data, unsigned int nanosec);


       Similar to comedi_data_read() except it will  wait  for  the  specified
       number  of  nanoseconds  between setting the input channel and taking a
       sample.  For analog inputs, most boards have a single analog to digital
       converter  which  is  multiplexed to be able to read multiple channels.
       If the input is not allowed to settle after  the  multiplexer  switches
       channels,  the reading will be inaccurate.  This function is useful for
       allowing a multiplexed analog input to settle when switching  channels.

       Although  the  settling  time  is  specified in nanoseconds, the actual
       settling time will be rounded up to the nearest microsecond.

                                28 October 2007