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       cmdoptns.h -

       Command line option parsing interface.


       #include <cc++/string.h>

       class ost::CommandOption
           CommandOption is the base class for all command line options.
       class ost::CommandOptionWithArg
           Derived class of CommandOption for options that have a value
           associated with them.
       class ost::CommandOptionArg
           Class for options with an argument e.g.
       class ost::CommandOptionRest
           It only makes sense to have a single one of these set and it is
           exclusive with CommandOptionCollect.
       class ost::CommandOptionCollect
           It only makes sense to have a single one of these set and it is
           also exclusive with CommandOptionRest.
       class ost::CommandOptionNoArg
           CommandOption type for flags.
       class ost::CommandOptionParse
           This is the CommandOptionParse interface class.

       namespace ost

       __EXPORT CommandOptionParse * ost::makeCommandOptionParse (int argc,
           char **argv, const char *comment, CommandOption
           makeCommandOptionParse will create an implementation of a
           CommandOptionParse object.

       __EXPORT CommandOption * ost::defaultCommandOptionList
           This defines a linked list head pointer for all the command line
           options that use the default list.

Detailed Description

       Command line option parsing interface.


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