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       cgiSetHeader - Specify an additional HTTP header


       #include <cgi.h>

       int cgiSetHeader (char *name, char *value);


       With  the  cgiSetHeader  routine you may specify additional HTTP header
       lines such as Expires: or Pragma:.  The order of header  lines  withing
       the  HTTP  header  has  no  significance.   You  may  call this routine
       multiple times to set multiple headers.  They will be  printed  in  the
       same order as specified, however, after the Content-type: header.

       This  routine will only add the header to the internal stack, not print
       it.  They will be printed by cgiHeader(3).

       This routine does some syntax checking before accepting a  new  header.
       The  name  of  a  header  must not contain any newline, space or colon,
       otherwise it will  be  truncated.   The  value  must  not  contain  any
       newline, otherwise it will be truncated as well.

       To  set a cookie in your program you’ll need to manually add additional
       header lines.  Please take a look at cgitest.c.  Basically, you’ll need
       to add the following code:

          cgiSetHeader ("Set-Cookie", "Version=1; name=value; Path=/");

       Please read the included file cookies.txt as well.


       On success 1 is returned, otherwise 0.


       This  CGI library is written by Martin Schulze <>.  If
       you have additions or improvements please get in touch with him.


       cgiHeader(3), cgiGetCookies(3), cgiGetCookie(3), cgiInit(3).