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       atSetVersAlias, atDelVersAlias, atVno, atGen, atRev - version handling


       #include <atfs.h>
       #include <atfstk.h>

       int     atSetVersAlias (Af_key *aso; char *aliasName);

       int     atDelVersAlias (Af_key *aso; char *aliasName);

       int     atVno (Af_key *aso);

       void    atGen (int versionNumber)

       void    atRev (int versionNumber)


       atSetVersAlias  sets a version number alias (a unique symbolic name for
       a version) for aso. The function checks, whether  aliasName  is  unique
       within  the  ASOs  history  and  complains,  if not. It returns TRUE on
       success and FALSE otherwise. The case that the version already had  the
       alias name is considered as success.

       atDelVersAlias  deletes  the  given  aliasName from the list of version
       aliases  attached  to  aso.  It  returns  TRUE  on  success  and  FALSE
       otherwise. It also returns TRUE, when the alias name did not exist.

       atVno  returns a compact representation of asos generation and revision
       number, packed into a single integer.  atGen  extracts  the  generation
       number,  and  atRev the revision number from a versionNumber in compact


       On error, the atError variable is set to an appropriate error code, and
       atErrMsg holds a diagnostic message.