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       ares_fds - Get file descriptors to select on for name service


       #include <ares.h>

       struct timeval *ares_timeout(ares_channel channel,
       struct timeval *maxtv, struct timeval *tvbuf)


       The  ares_timeout  function  determines  the maximum time for which the
       caller should wait before invoking ares_process(3) to process timeouts.
       The  parameter  maxtv  specifies a existing maximum timeout, or NULL if
       the caller does not wish to apply a  maximum  timeout.   The  parameter
       tvbuf  must  point  to a writable buffer of type struct timeval.  It is
       valid for maxtv and tvbuf to have the same value.

       If no queries have timeouts  pending  sooner  than  the  given  maximum
       timeout,   ares_timeout   returns   the   value   of  maxtv;  otherwise
       ares_timeout stores the  appropriate  timeout  value  into  the  buffer
       pointed to by tvbuf and returns the value of tvbuf.


       ares_fds(3), ares_process(3)


       Greg Hudson, MIT Information Systems
       Copyright 1998 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

                                 25 July 1998