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       vpSetFilter - define a resampling filter


       #include <volpack.h>

       vpSetFilter(vpc, num_taps, num_phases, weights)
           vpContext *vpc;
           int num_taps, num_phases;
           float *weights;


       vpc    VolPack context from vpCreateContext.

              Number of filter taps.

              Number of filter phases.

              Array containing filter weights.


       vpSetFilter  is  used  to  specify  a  table  of  filter weights before
       resampling an array with vpResample.  The table can be used to  specify
       an arbitrary separable space-invariant filter.

       The  vpc argument is a VolPack context for storing a description of the
       resampling filter.  The volume data and rendering parameters  currently
       stored  in  the  context  are  not  affected by calls to vpSetFilter or

       The num_taps argument specifies the number of  filter  taps.   When  an
       array is resampled, the number of filter taps is equal to the number of
       input array elements that contribute  to  one  element  of  the  output
       array.   A filter weight is associated with each tap and determines the
       contribution of the corresponding input array  element  to  the  output
       array  element.   Note  that when upsampling the number of taps depends
       only on the support of  the  filter  kernel.   When  downsampling,  the
       number of taps should also depend on the scale factor (since the filter
       kernel must also be scaled).

       The num_phases argument specifies the number of filter phases, which is
       equal  to  the  number of times the filter kernel is sampled.  The more
       filter phases, the more accurate  the  filtering  operation.   However,
       there  is a point of diminishing returns where increasing the number of
       phases results in  very  little  increase  in  accuracy,  and  has  the
       disadvantages  of  increased  storage requirements and potentially poor
       cache  performance.   To  allow  for   an   efficient   implementation,
       num_phases must be a power of two.

       The  weights  array  contains the filter weights themselves.  The array
       should have dimensions:

           float weights[num_phases][num_taps];

       Each element should normally be a number between 0.0 and 1.0  (negative
       values  are  also  possible  but  can  lead  to  ringing),  and for any
       particular phase the entries for all of the taps should sum to 1.0  (or
       else ripple is introduced into constant regions of the filtered array).

       The easiest way to initialize the weight table is to call  one  of  the
       predefined routines described in the vpBoxFilter(3) man page.


       The  normal  return  value is VP_OK.  The following error return values
       are possible:

              Either num_taps is non-positive or num_phases is not a  positive
              power of two.


       VolPack(3), vpBoxFilter(3), vpResample(3)