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       FileSystem -

       Import a tree representation of a file system directory.


   Public Member Functions
       FileSystem (AlgorithmContext context)
       ~FileSystem ()
       ProgressState readDir (node n, string directory, unsigned int &x,
           unsigned int y)
       bool import (const string &name)

   Public Attributes
       DoubleProperty * size
       DoubleProperty * gid
       DoubleProperty * uid
       DoubleProperty * lastaccess
       DoubleProperty * lastmodif
       DoubleProperty * lastchange
       IntegerProperty * type
       StringProperty * label
       LayoutProperty * layout
       int progress

Detailed Description

       Import a tree representation of a file system directory.

       This plugin enables to capture in a tree the full hierarchy of of a
       given file system directory

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   FileSystem::FileSystem (AlgorithmContext context) [inline]
   FileSystem::~FileSystem () [inline]

Member Function Documentation

   bool FileSystem::import (const string & name) [inline]
   ProgressState FileSystem::readDir (node n, string directory, unsigned int &
       x, unsigned int y) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

   DoubleProperty * FileSystem::gid
   StringProperty* FileSystem::label
   DoubleProperty * FileSystem::lastaccess
   DoubleProperty * FileSystem::lastchange
   DoubleProperty * FileSystem::lastmodif
   LayoutProperty* FileSystem::layout
   int FileSystem::progress
   DoubleProperty* FileSystem::size
   IntegerProperty* FileSystem::type
   DoubleProperty * FileSystem::uid


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