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       Dendrogram -


       #include <Dendrogram.h>

   Public Member Functions
       Dendrogram (const tlp::PropertyContext &)
       ~Dendrogram ()
       bool run ()

Detailed Description

       This plugin is an implementation of a dendrogram, an extended
       implementation of a ’Bio representation’ which includes variable
       orientation and variable node sizelayout.

           This works on tree. Let n be the number of nodes, the algorithm
           complexity is in O(n).

           Julien Testut, Antony Durand, Pascal Ollier, Yashvin Nababsing,
            Sebastien Leclerc, Thibault Ruchon, Eric Dauchier
            University Bordeaux I France

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   Dendrogram::Dendrogram (const tlp::PropertyContext &)
   Dendrogram::~Dendrogram ()

Member Function Documentation

   bool Dendrogram::run ()


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