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       Debian::Javahelper::Eclipse - Eclipse Helper Library.


        use Debian::Javahelper::Eclipse;

        my @orbitdeps = ();
        push(@orbitdeps, {
            EOB_SYM_NAME => '',
            EOB_SYS_JAR  => '/usr/share/java/commons-net2.jar'});
        # Install the feature to "$dropins/$name"
        install_zipped_feature($zip, "$dropins/$name");
        #  and symlink the following orbitdeps.
        install_zipped_feature($zip, "$dropins/$name", @orbitdeps);


       This module is used by the eclipse related javahelpers to share common

       Please note this API is not stable and backwards compatibility is not
       guaranteed at the current time. Please contact the maintainers if you
       are interested in a stable API.

       A bundle refers to a jar file. An orbit dependency (a.k.a orbitdep) is
       a bundle, which is used by eclipse or one of its features without being
       a part of eclipse or said feature.

       This module keeps track of bundles via hashes; see the EOB_* constants
       for relevant keys (and their expected values).

           Key for hashes to fetch the symbolic name of a bundle.

           Key for hashes to fetch the version of a bundle.

           Key for hashes to fetch the path to the system installed jar file.

           Only valid for an orbit dependency and cannot be used with

       install_zipped_feature($fzip, $loc[, $orbitdeps[, $package, $needs]])
           Unpacks the zipped feature $fzip into $loc, which should be a
           subfolder of a dropins folder (e.g.
           /usr/share/eclipse/dropins/emf). This can also be used to install
           the feature into a "build environment". In this case it should be
           installed into the same folder as the SDK is (this folder is
           usually called "SDK").

           If $orbitdeps is present, it should be an ARRAY ref containing
           orbit dependencies, which will be symlinked after unpacking. This
           sub only needs the EOB_SYM_NAME and EOB_SYS_JAR to be set and
           valid. Orbit dependencies not present in the installed folder will
           be ignored, so it is safe to have unrelated orbit dependencies in
           the ARRAY ref.

           If $package and $needs are present, the former should be the name
           of a debian package and the latter a hashref. The sub will populate
           the $needs hashref with which orbit dependencies are used by the
           package.  The $needs hashref can be re-used in multiple calls to
           this sub.

           Keys in $needs will be the path to the orbit jar's real location
           (EOB_SYS_JAR) and the value a new hashref. This hashref has as keys
           the names of packages and as values 1. The $needs is used by
           jh_installeclipse to populate the ${orbit:Depends} variables for


       Niels Thykier <>


       Copyright 2010 by Niels Thykier

       This module is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of GNU GPL 2.