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       DatasetTools.cpp -


       #include ’DatasetTools.h’

       #define ORTHOGONAL   ’orthogonal’
       #define ORIENTATION   ’up to down;down to up;right to left;left to
       #define ORIENTATION_ID   ’orientation’

       void addOrientationParameters (LayoutAlgorithm *pLayout)
       void addOrthogonalParameters (LayoutAlgorithm *pLayout)
       void addSpacingParameters (LayoutAlgorithm *pLayout)
       void getSpacingParameters (DataSet *dataSet, float &nodeSpacing, float
       void addNodeSizePropertyParameter (LayoutAlgorithm *pLayout)
       bool getNodeSizePropertyParameter (DataSet *dataSet, SizeProperty
       DataSet setOrientationParameters (int pOrientation)
       orientationType getMask (DataSet *dataSet)
       bool hasOrthogonalEdge (DataSet *dataSet)

Define Documentation

   #define ORIENTATIONup to down;down to up;right to left;left to right;#define ORIENTATION_IDorientation#define ORTHOGONALorthogonalAuthors: David Auber, Patrick Mary,
       Morgan Mathiaut from the LaBRI Visualization Team Email : auber@tulip- Last modification : 13/03/2009 This program is free
       software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
       Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any
       later version.

Function Documentation

   void addNodeSizePropertyParameter (LayoutAlgorithm * pLayout)
   void addOrientationParameters (LayoutAlgorithm * pLayout)
   void addOrthogonalParameters (LayoutAlgorithm * pLayout)
   void addSpacingParameters (LayoutAlgorithm * pLayout)
   orientationType getMask (DataSet * dataSet)
   bool getNodeSizePropertyParameter (DataSet * dataSet, SizeProperty *&
   void getSpacingParameters (DataSet * dataSet, float & nodeSpacing, float &
   bool hasOrthogonalEdge (DataSet * dataSet)
   DataSet setOrientationParameters (int pOrientation)


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