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       DMXQueryVersion - determine DMX extension version


       #include <X11/extensions/dmxext.h>

       Bool DMXQueryVersion(Display *dpy,
                            int *major_version,
                            int *minor_version,
                            int *patch_version);


       DMXQueryVersion()  returns  version  information about the DMX protocol

       Any incompatible changes to the protocol will be indicated by a  change
       in  major_version.   Small, upward-compatible changes will be indicated
       by a  change  in  minor_version.   In  general,  patch_version  is  for
       informational  purposes  and  will encode the date of the last protocol
       revision (e.g., 20040604).


       If  the   DMX   protocol   extension   is   available,   major_version,
       minor_version,  and  patch_version  will  be  set,  and  True  will  be
       returned.  Otherwise, False will be returned.


       At the time of this writing, the DMX protocol is at version 2.2.

       Version 2.2 was the final development version, and code supporting this
       version  was  submitted to upstream X server repositories in the summer
       of 2004.

       Version 1.5 was the  last  of  the  1.x  series,  which  was  used  for
       development   before   screen  and  input  addition  and  removal  were
       supported.   Version  2.0  and  2.1  were  development  versions   that
       partially supported screen and input addition and removal.

       Since  we  do  not  expect  development  versions to be widely used, we
       recommend that any software that uses the  DMX  protocol  extension  to
       support  only  versions  2.2  and  above  (although  they should detect
       earlier versions and either reduce functionality or fail gracefully).


       DMXQueryExtension(3), DMX(3), Xdmx(1)