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       Circular -


       #include <Circular.h>

   Public Member Functions
       Circular (const tlp::PropertyContext &)
       bool run ()

Detailed Description

       This plugin is an implementation of a circular layout that takes node
       size into account. It manages size of nodes and use a standard dfs for
       ordering nodes or search the maximum length cycle.


       25/11/2004 version 0.0.2: size and order 01/12/1999 Version 0.0.1:
       Initial release


       This work on general graphs. Let n be the number of nodes, the
       algorithm complexity is in O(n). If the search_cycle is enabled, the
       complexity is exponential (NP-Complete problem !).


       David Auber and Romain Bourqui University Bordeaux I France: Daniel Archambault The University of
       British Columbia: Email:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   Circular::Circular (const tlp::PropertyContext &)

Member Function Documentation

   bool Circular::run ()


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