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       BubbleTree -


       #include <BubbleTree.h>

   Public Member Functions
       BubbleTree (const tlp::PropertyContext &)
       ~BubbleTree ()
       bool run ()

Detailed Description

       This plug-in implement the bubble tree drawing algorithm first
       published as:

       Bubble Tree Drawing Algorithm :
        D. Auber and S. Grivet and J-P Domenger and Guy Melancon,
        In International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics, pages
       633-641, september 2004.


       · 07/12/04 Version 0.0.3: Use new Tulip plugin parameter mechanism

       · 16/07/03 Version 0.0.2: Better management of node size

       · 16/05/03 Version 0.0.1: Initial release

           This algorithm only works on trees. Let n be the number of nodes,
           the algorithm complexity is in O(n) or O(nlog(n)), By default
           O(nlog(n)) algorithm is used, but one can choose the complexity by
           using the argument (bool)’complexity’ (true means O(nlog(n), false
           O(n)). The algorithm can manage nodes of different size. The
           SizeProperty ’viewSize’ is used by default if no parameters are
           given to the plug-in. The parameter is (SizeProperty*) ’node size’.

           David Auber, S. Grivet University Bordeaux I France: auber@tulip-

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   BubbleTree::BubbleTree (const tlp::PropertyContext &)
   BubbleTree::~BubbleTree ()

Member Function Documentation

   bool BubbleTree::run ()


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