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       tomcat6-instance-create - creates a Tomcat6 instance


       tomcat6-instance-create [OPTIONS] DIRECTORYNAME


       The   tomcat6-instance-create  script  creates  a  directory  with  all
       required Tomcat6 CATALINA_BASE elements so that  a  separate  Tomcat  6
       instance  with its own configuration, libraries or web applications can
       be run by a user. bin/ and bin/ scripts  are  also
       generated to allow the instance to be started and stopped.

              The name of the directory where the instance will be created. It
              should not exist and will be created automatically.


       -p HTTPPORT
              The TCP port to use  for  the  default  HTTP  connector  in  the
              instance. The default port is 8080.

              The  TCP  port  to  use  for  Tomcat  shutdown control port. The
              default port is 8005.

       -w MAGICWORD
              The magic word that sent to the control port  will  trigger  the
              shutdown of the Tomcat instance. The default word is SHUTDOWN.


       This man page was written by Thierry Carrez <>
       and is copyright (C) 2008 Canonical Ltd.

                                   Feb 2010