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       grape  -  inspection  and  management  of the local grape cache used by


       usage: grape [options] <command> [args] options:

       -D,--define <name=value>
              define a system property

              debug log level 4 will print out full stack traces

              usage information

              info log level 2 will print out information

              quiet log level 0 will print only errors

              display the Groovy and JVM versions

              verbose log level 3 will print verbose logs

              warn log level 1 will print only errors and warnings


       install <groupId> <artifactId> [<version>]:
              This installs the specified groovy module or maven artifact.  If
              a  version is specified that specific version will be installed,
              otherwise the most recent version will be used  (as  if  ’*’  we
              passed in).

       list:  Lists  locally  installed modules (with their full maven name in
              the case of groovy modules) and versions.

       resolve (<groupId> <artifactId> <version>)+:
              This returns the file locations of  the  jars  representing  the
              artifcats   for  the  specified  module(s)  and  the  respective
              transitive dependencies.  You may optionally pass in -ant, -dos,
              or  -shell  to  get  the  dependencies  expressed  in  a  format
              applicable for an ant script, windows batch file, or unix  shell
              script respectively.




       This  manual  page  was  generated using help2man and edited by Ludovic
       Claude <>, for the Debian project (but may be
       used by others).

                                   July 2009                         grape(20)