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       zserv - CERNLIB server program for transferring ZEBRA formatted files


       zserv is the server for the ZFTP file transfer program.  It listens for
       connections on port 346.  zserv is not in general run from the  command
       line, but only via inetd(8).

       Please   note  that,  like  many  other  FTP  servers,  zserv  receives
       unencrypted passwords over the network.  It should  therefore  be  used
       only within a trusted LAN.


       o /etc/inetd.conf - specifies how inetd should call zserv


       o zftp(1)
       o inetd(8)
       o inetd.conf(5)

       zserv  is  part  of  the  CERNLIB  CSPACK  package, documented fully at     (PostScript)     or (HTML).


       This manual page was written by Kevin McCarty <> for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               February 3, 2003