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       wwwoffle-audit-usage - displays information about wwwoffle’s state




       from the README file:
       The script can be used to get audit information from the
       output of the wwwoffled program.
       If wwwoffled is started as

       wwwoffled -c /var/cache/wwwoffle/wwwoffle.conf -d 4

       Then on the standard error output will be generated  information  about
       the  program  as  it is run.  The debug level needs to be 4 so that the
       URL information is output.
       If this is captured into a log file then it  can  be  analysed  by  the  program.   When  run  this  will tell the host that the
       connection is made from  and  the  URL  that  is  requested.   It  also
       includes  the  timestamp  information  and  connections to the WWWOFFLE
       control connection.


       /var/cache/wwwoffle  default wwwoffle spool directory
       /etc/wwwoffle the configuration files


       Manpage written by Christian Hammers <>
       Now maintained by Paul Slootman <>