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       wedged - HylaFAX modem wedged script


       /var/spool/hylafax/bin/wedged devid device


       bin/wedged is the command script invoked by the facsimile server when a
       modem is deemed to be in an irreparable  state  and  requires  operator
       intervention.    This   decision   is  based  on  the  setting  of  the
       MaxSetupAttempts  configuration   parameter   described   in   hylafax-
       config(5).   The  default  wedged  script  sends electronic mail to the
       FaxMaster  alias.  The  interval  at  which  emails  are  sent  can  be
       configured    in    the    etc/FaxDispatch    file   by   setting   the
       WEDGED_EMAIL_INTERVAL variable to the desired number of minutes (emails
       will  be  sent  no more than every WEDGED_EMAIL_INTERVAL minutes, until
       the    wedged     condition     persists).      If     the     variable
       WEDGED_DISABLE_FAXGETTY  is set in etc/FaxDispatch then the script will
       attempt to disable  any  faxgetty  processes  spawned  by  the  init(8)
       process  for  the  problematic  modem.  In addition the faxq(8) process
       automatically disables use of the modem for servicing outbound jobs.

       The devid argument is the identifier  derived  from  the  name  of  the
       modem's   device  file  by  substituting  ``_''  characters  for  ``/''
       characters; e.g.  term_10 for /dev/term/10.  The device argument is the
       name of the character special device associated with the modem.

       If  there  exists  an executable file /var/spool/hylafax/etc/resetmodem
       then that file will be executed upon execution of the wedged script  in
       an effort to recover the modem.


       /usr/lib/sendmail    for delivering mail


       faxq(8), hylafax-config(5)

                                October 3, 1995