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       vzsplit - generate a sample container configuration file with a certain
       set of system resource control parameters.


       vzsplit [-n numve] [-f conf_name] [-s swapsize]


       The vzsplit utility is used to  split  the  Hardware  Node  into  equal
       parts.   It  generates a full set of system resource control parameters
       for the given number of containers. The values are calculated from  the
       total physical memory of the Hardware Node the utility runs on, and the
       number of containers the Hardware Node shall be able to run even if the
       given  number  of  containers  consume  all  the  resources  available.
       Without any option given, vzsplit prompts for  the  desired  number  of
       containers  and  outputs  the  resulting resource control parameters to
       stdout.  If there are not enough system resources to run the  specified
       number  of  containers,  an appropriate message is shown and the sample
       configuration file is not generated.


       -n numve
              Specify the number of containers.

       -f conf_name
              Specify the configuration  file  name.  The  program  output  is
              placed to /etc/vz/conf/ve-conf_name.conf-sample.

       -s swapsize
              Specify  the swap size in Kbytes. If not provided in the option,
              the swap size will be read from /proc/meminfo.


       vzsplit returns 0 upon a sucessful execution. If anything  goes  wrong,
       it returns 1.




       Copyright (C) 2000-2008, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.