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       vboxmail - script to send notification of new voice message


       vboxmail messagename callername callerid mail-to-address


       vboxmail  is  used  by  vboxgetty  to  send notification of a new voice
       message via email. It is not meant to be called directly by any user.

       You can make local modifications to this  script  by  copying  it  from
       /usr/sbin/vboxmail to /etc/isdn/vboxmail, and editing the copy there.

       Note  that  there  is  an  enhanced version of this script available as
       /usr/share/doc/isdnvboxserver/vboxmail.enhanced . To use it, copy it to
       /etc/isdn/vboxmail  .   This  enhanced  version  will send the recorded
       message as a MIME attachment in the email  notification.   If  lame  or
       xingmp3enc  are  installed  in /usr/local/bin, then the message will be
       converted to MP3 format; otherwise, it will be sent as a WAV file.  For
       this to work, you also need the following packages installed:
       mime-construct sox
       and  of course an MP3 encoder if you want MP3 format. Note that the MP3
       format will only be 50% smaller (instead of the 90% you might otherwise
       expect),  because  of  the  relatively  bad sound quality to begin with
       (8kHz sampling, mono).  If you want to use  another  MP3  encoder  than
       lame  or xingmp3enc, you’ll have to make patches to the script. I’ll be
       happy to implement your changes. Send them as a wishlist bug report  on


       vboxgetty(8), vboxgetty.conf(5)


       This  manual  page  was written by Paul Slootman <>, for
       Debian GNU/Linux and isdn4linux.