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       usplash - userspace bootsplash daemon


       usplash [-c] [-v] [-p] [-x num] [-y num]


       Uses  the  framebuffer  to  provide  a graphical bootsplash screen from
       userspace during system boot and shutdown.  As well as a static  image,
       the  screen  includes  a  progress  bar  and  text  updated by commands
       received from usplash_write(8).


       -c     Causes  usplash  to  switch  to  a  new  console  (vt8)   before
              displaying  the  splash  screen,  rather  than  writing over the
              current one.

       -v     Put usplash into verbose mode where more messages will be shown.
              Without this flag only urgent messages will be displayed.

       -p     Put  usplash  into  pulsating  mode immediately on start up.  By
              default, usplash starts with a empty progress bar.

              Put usplash into the background after starting up.

       --pidfile FILE
              Once the command FIFO for usplash_write has been opened,  record
              usplash’s  process  id  into  the specified file, and remove the
              file on exit.

       -x num Set the x-axis resolution to use for the splash screen to num.

       -y num Set the y-axis resolution to use for the splash screen to num.

       -d     Tell usplash it is being used while shutting down the  computer.
              At  the  moment,  this  adjusts  the  logo  fading  duration. By
              default, it is 0.5 seconds for fading in, and  0.2  seconds  for
              fading out.  -d reverses these times.

              Let  the  logo  pulsate the entire time. This is useful when not
              using a progress bar, and booting takes a long  time.  This  can
              also  be  started  later  on  by  sending  the PULSELOGO command
              through usplash_write.


       See usplash_write(8) for a list of the commands that can be sent.


       Written by Matthew Garrett <>


       Report bugs at


       Copyright © 2006 Canonical Ltd.
       Copyright © 2006 Dennis Kaarsemaker <>
       Copyright © 2005 Matthew Garrett <>

       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR