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       update-locale-config - Update differnt programs’ language settings


       update-locale-config [--preinst|-p] [--list|-l] <language>


       update-locale-config   is  a  script  that  automatically  updates  the
       language settings of different programs  based  on  the  language  code
       passed  as parameter.  This script is run by base-config throughout the
       Debian installation process so that the user language selection is made
       visible  to packages and thus preventing debconf interfaces from asking
       questions related to language settings and adjusting packages’  system-
       wide configuration files to the user selection.

       update-locale-config  can  run in two modes, pre-inst or post-inst (the
       default).    Pre-inst    mode    will    run    all    scripts    under
       /usr/lib/localization-config  with  a  preinst  suffix,  most  of these
       scripts will do debconf preseeding and will  run  before  packages  are
       actually  installed.  The  postinst mode (default) will run all scripts
       under the same directory with a postinst suffix,  most  of  these  will
       modify configuration files that are available once the package has been
       installed on the system.

       System administrators should not need to  run  update-locale-config  by
       hand,  although this option is available. Notice, however, that running
       update-locale-config in pre-inst mode will not affect the system unless
       the  packages  whose debconf configuration has changed are reconfigured
       (with dpkg-reconfigure PACKAGE).

       Users should not run  update-locale-config  as  all  the  changes  this
       script  makes  are  systemwide.   If  a user wants to change his locale
       configuration  and  adjust  the  language  configuration  of  his   own
       configuration  files  set-language-env  (available  in the language-env
       package) should be used instead.


       -d | --debug
              Debugging mode

       -l | --list
              List supported locales.

       -p | --preinst
              Run the pre-install scripts instead of  the  (default)  postinst

              specify  your  favorite  native  language.  Here are some of the
              supported languages:
              ca_ES@euro Catalan (Spain)
              da_DK Danish
              de_BE@euro German (Belgium)
              de_DE@euro German (Germany)
              el_GR.UTF-8 Greek (Greece, UTF-8 mode)
              es_ES@euro Spanish (Spain)
              es_MX Spanish (Mexico)
              fr_BE@euro French (Belgium)
              fr_FR@euro French (France)
              lv_LV Latvian
              nb_NO or no_NO (depricated) Norwegian Bokmaal
              nds_DE Low Saxon
              nl_BE@euro Dutch (Belgium)
              nl_NL@euro Dutch (The Netherlands)
              nn_NO Norwegian Nynorsk
              se_NO Northern Sami


       Support  for  new   packages   is   based   on   scripts   present   in
       /usr/lib/localization-config.  These  scripts must analyse the official
       locale language  code  (language[_territory][.codeset][@modifier])  and
       modify  the  package as appropriate. Since language modifications might
       vary between different package versions, the scripts in that  directory
       should  just  check  the  package  version  and  call  scripts  in per-
       distribution subdirectories (sarge, woody, etc.).

       These scripts take as input the locale  language  code  and  should  do
       whatever  modifications  are  need  in  order to configure the package.
       Possible modifications include:

              If the package asks to the user through  debconf  settings  that
              might  depend  on  the  language and charset, and if an accurate
              guess can be made based on the users locale language  code  then
              the  script  should  preseed the debconf values so that the user
              will not have to  answer  the  questions  himself  upon  package
              installation.  Debconf preseeding is usually done in the preinst
              configuration file modification If the package has configuration
              files that can be modified to adjust for the user’s selection of
              locale language code, the  script  should  make  any  reasonable
              changes  in  order  to  help  the  user  configure  the package.
              Conffiles (see Debian policy) should  be  treated  with  extreme
              care  (to  avoid  prompts  of configuration file changes by dpkg
              when upgrading).

       All changes done by the scripts should be idempotent.


       Language  support   is   embedded   in   the   scripts   available   at
       /usr/lib/localization-config.  These  scripts hold the knowledge on how
       to transform a given  language  code  into  a  package’s  modification.
       Adding  support  for  a  new  language  (or  variant) should be done by
       modifying these scripts. The code  presently  available  that  provides
       support  for  some  languages could be used as a basis for new language
       support. In many scripts, adding support for a new language is  just  a
       matter  of defining it and the values that need to be changed for it in
       a database of languages and changes (actually implemented in most cases
       as hash array in Perl)


              Location  of  the  scripts  that adjust programs to use the user
              configured locale.


       base-config(8), debconf(1), language-env(1), locale(1)

       Recommended reading also includes Debian  GNU/Linux  -  Install  manual
       (available    at
       which descirbes how language and country selection works in the  debian
       installer     and     Introduction     to     i18n     (available    at  which  describes   i18n
       (and locale) to developers.


       Bugs  regarding  this software should be sent against the localization-
       config package, preferably using the report-bug script.


       This software and a first version of the manpage was written by Dagfinn
       Ilmari Mannsaaker <> for the Skolelinux distribution.
       This manpage was later modified for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux  by  Javier
       Fernandez-Sanguino. Minor changes by Konstantinos Margaritis