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       tz-brasil-restart - restart programs if time zone has changed.


       tz-brasil-restart [ --verbose | --test | --force | --help | --version ]


       This program restarts programs if time zone has changed from last  time
       that  it  was  executed.  Currently it restarts cron, syslog and also a
       custom program.


       The configuration variables VERBOSE and  RUN_PROG  are  read  from  the
       configuration file. If you want to run a custom program when the system
       timezone changes, you can use the configuration variable RUN_PROG.


       This program is suposed to be run without arguments from cron, everyday
       at  midnight.  The  following  options  are for debugging, they are not
       needed in regular use of the program.

              run in verbose mode.

       --test same as --verbose.

              force a restart in cron, syslog  and  custom  program.  runs  in
              verbose mode.

       --help shows a brief usage help.

              shows program version.


       /etc/tz-brasil.conf  -  configuration  file.   /var/lib/tz-brasil/last-
       timezone - last timezone  information.   /etc/cron.d/tz-brasil  -  cron


       This  manual  page was written by Pedro Zorzenon Neto <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                 nov 23, 2006