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       tunefs.lustre - modify the Lustre configuration information on a disk


       tunefs.lustre [options] device


       tunefs.lustre  is  used  to  modify  the configuration information on a
       Lustre target disk. This includes upgrading old (pre-Lustre 1.6) disks.
       This  does  not  reformat the disk or erase the target information, but
       modifying the configuration  information  can  result  in  an  unusable
       filesystem.  You have been warned.
       Changes made here will affect a filesystem only when the target is next


              Set user comment about this disk, ignored by Lustre.

              Only print what would be done; does not affect the disk

              Remove all previous parameter info

              Set the NID(s)  of  a  failover  partner.  This  option  can  be
              repeated as desired.

              The  Lustre filesystem this service will be part of.  Default is

              Force a particular OST or MDT index

              Set  the mount options that  will  be  used  when  mounting  the
              backing  fs.  WARNING: unlike earlier versions of tunefs.lustre,
              this version completely replaces the existing mount options with
              those  specified  on  the  command  line,  issuing a warning  on
              stderr  if any  of the default mount options are  omitted.   The
              defaults     for     ldiskfs      are    OST:    errors=remount-
              ro,mballoc,extents;           MGS/MDT:           errors=remount-
              ro,iopen_nopriv,user_xattr.   DO  NOT  alter  the  default mount
              options unless you know what you are doing.

       --mgs  Add a configuration management service to this target

              Set the NID(s) of the MGS node, required for all  targets  other
              than the MGS.

              Remove a configuration management service to this target

              Print less information.

              Print more information.

              Erase  all  config logs for the filesystem that this MDT is part
              of, and regenerate them.  This is very dangerous.   All  clients
              and  servers  should  be  stopped.   All  targets  must  then be
              restarted to regenerate the logs.  No clients should be  started
              until  all  targets  have  restarted.  In general this should be
              executed on the MDT only, not the OSTs.


       tunefs.lustre --erase-param --mgsnode=<new_nid> --writeconf /dev/sda
              Change the MGS NID address. (This should be done on every target
              disk, since they should all be contacting the same MGS.)

       tunefs.lustre --param="failover.node=" /dev/sda
              Add a failover NID location for this target

       tunefs.lustre --mgs --mdt --fsname=testfs /dev/sda
              Upgrade  an old 1.4.X Lustre MDT to 1.6. The new filesystem name
              is "testfs".

       tunefs.lustre --writeconf --mgs --mdt --fsname=testfs /dev/sda1
              Upgrade an old 1.4.X Lustre MDT to 1.6, and start with brand-new
              1.6  configuration  logs.  All  old  servers and clients must be


       Please    report    all    bugs    to    Sun     Microsystems     using


       tunefs.lustre  is  part  of  the  Lustre(7)  filesystem  package and is
       available from Sun Microsystems, Inc via


       lustre(7), mkfs.lustre(8), mount.lustre(8), lctl(8), lfs(1)