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       syslogd-listfiles - list system logfiles


       syslogd-listfiles  [  -a  |  --all ] [ --auth ] [ -f config file ] [ -s
       pattern ] [ --large nnn ] [ --news ] [ -w | --weekly ]


       Sysklogd provides a modern mechanism  to  log  system  messages.   This
       mechanism  is  controlled  by  the file /etc/syslog.conf.  Messages are
       divided into logfiles which can grow quite big.  Therefore the logfiles
       need  to  be  rotated once per day, per week or per month.  On a Debian
       GNU/Linux system most of the files are rotated once per week.

       This program helps the rotation script to determine which logfiles need
       to  be  rotated  and  when.   It  takes  care of news logfiles that are
       handled by the news.daily script from INN.   In  conjunction  with  the
       scripts  in /etc/cron.daily and /etc/cron.weekly it takes care of files
       with sensitive information.

       By default a list of files for daily rotation  is  generated.   At  the
       moment  this  option  only  reflects  entries  that  contain  "*.*"  as


       -a, --all
              List all logfiles and ignore all other rules.

       -f config file
              Specify   an   alternative   configuration   file   instead   of
              /etc/syslog.conf, which is the default.

       -s pattern
              Specify  a regular expression for files that must not be listed.

       --auth Only list files containing sensitive information such as the one
              containing auth.*.

       --large nnn
              Define  the  filesize for a large file.  The size is provided in
              bytes.  This value defaults to 1 megabyte.

              Don’t rotate files whose file size is larger  than  the  regular
              limit   (see   above).    This  option  is  useful  if  you  are
              postprocessing logfiles which  would  break  if  log  files  are
              rotated at a different date/time.

       --news Don’t  exclude  news  logfiles which are normally handled by the
              news.daily script from INN.

       -w, --weekly
              Generate the list for weekly rotation.


       syslog.conf(5), syslogd(8), savelog(8).