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       sredird - RFC 2217 serial port server


       sredird [-i] log-level serial-device lock-file [poll-interval]


       This manual page documents briefly the sredird, program.

       This program when run through inetd will use the RFC 2217 extensions to
       TELNET to  implement  serial  commands  over  the  TCP  connection  and
       interface to a specified serial port.


       An  optional first parameter is ā€™-iā€™ to enable compatability with Cisco

       The first mandatory parameter is the log level for use in syslog.   The
       next  mandatory  parameter is the device node for the serial device, it
       must be a fully qualified path.  The final mandatory parameter  is  the
       file name for the lock file to be used to prevent multiple instances of
       sredird from talking to the serial port at the same time, or  to  allow
       sharing a port between modem and sredird.


       Here  is  a  configuration  line  for  running  it  from  inetd: sredir
       stream  tcp      nowait   root     /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/sbin/sredird  5
       /dev/modem /var/lock/LCK..modem


       This man page was written by Russell Coker <>.  May
       be freely used and distributed without restriction under the  terms  of
       the GPL.

       The     sredird    program    was    written    by    Denis    Sbragion
       <> and Jeffrey Altman <>.