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       squid_db_auth - Database auth helper for Squid


       squid_db_auth [options]


       This program verifies username & password to a database

       --dsn   Database DSN. Default "DBI:mysql:database=squid"

       --user  Database User

               Database password

       --table Database table. Default "passwd".

               Username column. Default "user".

               Password column. Default "password".

       --cond  Condition, defaults to enabled=1. Specify 1 or "" for no
               condition If you use --joomla flag, this condition will be
               changed to block=0

               Database contains plain-text passwords

       --md5   Database contains unsalted md5 passwords

       --salt  Selects the correct salt to evaluate passwords

               Keep a persistent database connection open between queries.

               Tells helper that user database is Joomla DB.  So their unusual
               salt hashing is understood.


       Copyright (C) 2007 Henrik Nordstrom <>
       Copyright (C) 2010 Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz <>
       (Joomla support) This program is free software. You may redistribute
       copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version
       2, or (at youropinion) any later version.