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       solid-pop3d - The Solid POP3 Server


       solid-pop3d  [-rd]  [-n  maildropfile]  [-t maildroptype] [-a time] [-f


       The Solid POP3 Server is an implementation of the Post Office  Protocol
       server  that  has  flexibility  on  mind.  It  has support for mailbox,
       maildir, APOP, bulletins and few other things. It can work as inetd  or
       standalone server. See README for more details.


       -n maildropfile
              Specify  a  maildrop  file (or directory). The following strings
              beginning with % character are recognized and replaced:

              %s     replace it with user name

              %dN    replace it with N-th character of user name

              %%     replace it with single % character

              %m     replace it with mapped user name (read VIRTUALS file)

              %o     replace it with the "original" user  name.  This  is  the
                     user   name   with   any  UserMapPrefix  removed.  Unless
                     DoMapping is enabled, and a  UserMapPrefix  is  supplied,
                     this will be a blank string.

              If  specified  path is not absolute it is treated as relative to
              user  home  directory.  For  example:  /var/mail/%d1/%d2/%s   is
              expanded to /var/mail/j/u/jurekb and Mail/bugtraq is expanded to
              /home/jurekb/Mail/bugtraq for "jurekb" user on  my  system.  The
              default  is  /var/mail/%s or Maildir when mailbox support is not
              compiled in.

       -t maildroptype
              Specify a maildrop type.  mailbox and maildir are supported. The
              default  is  mailbox  or  maildir  when  mailbox  support is not
              compiled in.

       -a time
              Specify  an  autologout  time.  The   following   suffixes   are

              s      the time is specified in seconds

              m      the time is specified in minutes

              h      the time is specified in hours

              d      the time is specified in days

              w      the time is specified in weeks

              Seconds are used if no suffix is present. The default value is 2

       -f configfile
              Specify a configuration file. The default is /etc/spop3d.conf

       -d     Set server into debugging mode.

       -r     Allow root login.  This  feature  is  disabled  by  default  and
              shouldn’t be used.


              User configuration file.

              This  file  is  used by bulletin code to determine last bulletin
              received by user.

              Bulletins directory.

              Global configuration file.


       spop3d.conf(5), pop_auth(1), dot-spop3d(5),


       Jerzy Balamut <>