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       smsd - spools incoming and outgoing sms.


       smsd [OPTIONS] <arguments>


       smsd  is  part  of the SMS Server Tools. It is responsible for spooling
       incoming and outgoing sms.


       -cx set config file to x

       -ix set infofile to x

       -px set pidfile to x

       -ux set username to x

       -gx set groupname to x

       -h     this help

       -s     display status monitor

       -V     print copyright and version

       All other options are set by the file /etc/smsd.conf.

       Output is written to stdout, errors are written to stderr.


       Author of SMS Server  Tools  is  Mr.  Keijo  "Keke"  Kasvi.   Homepage:

       Based    on    SMS    Server    Tools    2    from    Stefan    Frings,

       This     manual     was     written     by      Patrick      Schoenfeld
       <>  for the debian project, but may be used
       by others aswell.


       The full documentation is available in HTML files, which can  be  found
       at /usr/share/doc/smstools/html

Version 3.0.2, Copyright (c) KeijDecember