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       simba [-c|--config <configuration file] [--callbacks|-p] [--help|-h]


       simba requires RoPkg::Simba


       There are many institutions that offer mirroring services to the
       community. Most of them use shell scripts to synchronize content with
       the master servers.  This approach has some major limitations:

       Difficult maintenance
       No useful reports
       No data presented to the final user
       and more

       Simba was created to be the mirroring tool and to get more control over
       the mirrored content and (most important) more control over the reports
       you can generate using the mirrored content data. Using Simba, you can:

       Create web pages with mirrors status
       Create web pages with mirror details
       Generate RSS feeds
       Generate Google sitemaps
       Generate rsync configuration files
       and more

       Simba is extensible and has a dynamic plugin system.  If you have some
       knowledge of perl, you can write your own plugins and extend Simba as
       you wish.


       simba has a few command line parameters.

       Expects the path to the configuration file

       Start the user defined callbacks

       Shows this man page

       The main documentation is available on the website
       ( There you will find detailed documentation,
       templates and a HOWTO.


       RoPkg::Simba::Mirror RoPkg::Simba::Command RoPkg::Simba::Exclude
       RoPkg::Simba::Mirrors RoPkg::Simba::Commands RoPkg::Simba::Excludes


       Subredu Manuel <>


       Copyright (C) 2005 Subredu Manuel.  All Rights Reserved.  This module
       is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
       same terms as Perl itself.  The LICENSE file contains the full text of
       the license.