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       sg_luns - send the SCSI REPORT LUNS command


       sg_luns  [--decode]  [--help]  [--hex] [--maxlen=LEN] [--quiet] [--raw]
       [--select=SR] [--verbose] [--version] DEVICE


       Send the SCSI REPORT  LUNS  command  to  the  DEVICE  and  outputs  the
       response.  In  the  SPC-3  SCSI  standard  support  for this command is


       Arguments to long options are mandatory for short options as well.

       -d, --decode
              decode logical  unit  numbers  into  their  hierarchical  parts.
              Interprets  luns as described in SAM-3 when the HiSup bit is set
              in a standard INQUIRY’s response.

       -h, --help
              output the usage message then exit.

       -H, --hex
              output response to this command in ASCII hex.

       -m, --maxlen=LEN
              where LEN is the (maximum)  response  length  in  bytes.  It  is
              placed  in the cdb’s "allocation length" field. If not given (or
              LEN is zero) then 8192 is used. The maximum allowed value of LEN
              is 65536.

       -q, --quiet
              output ASCII hex rendering of each report lun, one per line.

       -r, --raw
              output response in binary (to stdout).

       -s, --select=SR
              this  option  sets  the  ’select  report’ field (SR) in the SCSI
              REPORT LUNS command. The default value is 0. When 0 is given (or
              this  option  is  not  specified) then the DEVICE should yield a
              list of luns addressable via  this  "I_T  nexus"  that  use  the
              following  lun  addressing  methods:  logical  unit  addressing,
              peripheral device addressing and flat space addressing.  When  1
              is  given  the  DEVICE  should yield a list of only "well known"
              logical units addressable via this "I_T" nexus. When 2 is  given
              the  DEVICE  should  yield  all  luns addressable via this "I_T"
              nexus.  To simplify, for  the  I_T  nexus  associated  with  the
              DEVICE, the meanings of the SR values are:
                0 : all luns excluding well known logical units
                1 : well known logical units
                2 : all luns
              Values greater than 2 are reserved (at SPC-4 (rev 8)).

       -v, --verbose
              increase the level of verbosity, (i.e. debug output).

       -V, --version
              print the version string and then exit.


       The  exit  status  of sg_luns is 0 when it is successful. Otherwise see
       the sg3_utils(8) man page.


       Written by Douglas Gilbert.


       Report bugs to <dgilbert at interlog dot com>.


       Copyright © 2004-2009 Douglas Gilbert
       This software is distributed under  a  FreeBSD  license.  There  is  NO
       warranty;  not  even  for  MERCHANTABILITY  or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR