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     scriptingserviceexample - Example client script for the Scripting Service


     scriptingserviceexample [ID]


     scriptingserviceexample is a small shell script providing an example of
     how to use the scripting service PU and PE: it first creates a temporary
     directory with a name created from the given unique ID. In this
     directory, an input directory is created containing two files: an example
     input file "" and a run script "ssrun" (the run script is
     written by echo commands within scriptingserviceexample). The input
     directory is archived by Tar/GZip and provided to scriptingclient as
     input file. scriptingclient distributes the input to a Scripting PE,
     which unpacks the archive and executes "ssrun".  "ssrun" gets the name of
     an output archive as its first argument; this archive is created by the
     example script and contains an example output file "". The
     output archive is transferred back to the PU. Finally,
     scriptingserviceexample dumps the content of "".
     scriptingserviceexample can be taken as an example to do something more
     useful with the scripting service: for example, simulation input could be
     packaged with a script actually executing a simulation program on the
     input and archiving the results. Then, the scripting service can be used
     to distribute a set of simulation runs to a pool of processing nodes.
     Important note on security: the scripting service does not include any
     security features yet. That is, arbitrary scripts will be executed.
     Without modifications (for example signatures), do NOT use it outside of
     a controlled environment!


     The following options are available:

     ID      Gives an unique identifier for the example run, for example:


     For a detailed introduction to RSerPool, see:

     Thomas Dreibholz’s RSerPool Page:


     Dr. Thomas Dreibholz