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       rt-clean-sessions - clean old and duplicate RT sessions


           rt-clean-sessions [--debug] [--older <NUM>[H|D|M|Y]]

           rt-clean-sessions --debug
           rt-clean-sessions --older 10D
           rt-clean-sessions --debug --older 1M
           rt-clean-sessions --older 10D --skip-user


       Script cleans RT sessions from DB or dir with sessions data.  Leaves in
       DB only one session per RT user and sessions that aren't older than
       specified(see options).

       Script is safe because data in the sessions is temporary and can be


           Date interval in the "<NUM>[<unit>]" format. Default unit is
           D(ays), H(our), M(onth) and Y(ear) are also supported.

           For example: "rt-clean-sessions --older 1M" would delete all
           sessions that are older than 1 month.

           By default only one session per user left in the DB, so users that
           have sessions on multiple computers or in different browsers will
           be logged out.  Use this option to avoid this.

           Turn on debug output.


       Functionality similar to this is implemented in
       html/Elements/SetupSessionCookie ; however, that does not guarantee
       that a session will be removed from disk and database soon after the
       timeout expires.  This script, if run from a cron job, will ensure that
       the timed out sessions are actually removed from disk; the Mason
       component just ensures that the old sessions are not reusable before
       the cron job gets to them.