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       rpmgraph - Display RPM Package Dependency Graph


       rpmgraph PACKAGE_FILE ...


       rpmgraph  uses  PACKAGE_FILE arguments to generate a package dependency
       graph.  Each  PACKAGE_FILE  argument  is  read  and  added  to  an  rpm
       transaction  set.  The  elements  of  the transaction set are partially
       ordered using a topological sort. The partially  ordered  elements  are
       then printed to standard output.

       Nodes  in  the  dependency  graph  are  package names, and edges in the
       directed graph point to the parent of each node.  The  parent  node  is
       defined  as  the  last  predecessor of a package when partially ordered
       using the package dependencies as  a  relation.  That  means  that  the
       parent of a given package is the package’s last prerequisite.

       The  output is in dot(1) directed graph format, and can be displayed or
       printed using the dotty graph editor from the graphviz package.   There
       are  no  rpmgraph  specific  options, only common rpm options.  See the
       rpmgraph usage message for what is currently implemented.



       dotty(1), <URL:>


       Jeff Johnson <>