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       radvdump - dump router advertisements


       radvdump [ -vhfe ] [ -d debuglevel ]


       radvdump prints out the contents of incoming router advertisements sent
       by radvd or some  other  software  implementing  (parts  of)  "Neighbor
       Discovery for IP Version 6 (IPv6)" (RFC 4861).


       For  every  one  character option there is also a long option, which is
       listed right next to the "short" option name:

       -v, --version
              Displays the version of radvdump and then aborts.

       -h, --help
              Displays a short usage description and then aborts.

       -f, --file-format
              Output received router advertisements in the format of the radvd
              configuration  file.   Since  radvd 0.9, this is the default and
              the switch is provided for backward compatibility only.

       -e, --exclude-defaults
              Exclude default valued options from configuration  file  format.
              This option is ignored if option -f is not set.

       -d debuglevel, --debug debuglevel
              With   this  option  you  turn  on  debugging  information.  The
              debugging level is an integer in the range from  1  to  4,  from
              quiet  to  very verbose. A debugging level of 0 completely turns
              off debugging.

              The default debugging level is 0.




       There certainly  are  some  bugs.  If  you  find  them  or  have  other
       suggestions please contact Pekka Savola <>.


       radvd(8), radvd.conf(5)


       Lars Fenneberg <>  - previous maintainer
       Nathan Lutchansky <> - previous maintainer
       Pekka Savola   <> - current maintainer
       Marko Myllynen <>   - Mobile IPv6 support