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       pwmconfig - tests the PWM outputs of sensors and configures fancontrol




       pwmconfig  will  attempt  to  stop  your  fans,  one  at  a  time,  for
       approximately 5 seconds each. This may cause your processor temperature
       to  rise.  Verify  that all fans are running at normal speed after this
       program has exited.  pwmconfig does its best to check that the fans are
       spinning  when  they  are  supposed  to,  but  due  to the diversity of
       available motherboards and  fans,  it  shouldn’t  be  blindly  trusted.
       Always verify by yourself.

       It  is strongly recommended to run pwmconfig at a time when there is no
       significant system load, to minimize the risk of overheating.


       pwmconfig searches  your  sensors  for  pulse  width  modulation  (PWM)
       controls,  and  tests  each  one  to  see  if it controls a fan on your
       motherboard. Note that many motherboards  do  not  have  PWM  circuitry
       installed, even if your sensor chip supports PWM.

       When  a  connection  is  established  between  a PWM control and a fan,
       pwmconfig can generate a detailed correlation, to show how a given  fan
       is responding to various PWM duty cycles.

       Lastly,  pwmconfig  will enter in fancontrol configuration mode (unless
       you decide to skip that part.) In this mode, you are invited  to  enter
       several  parameters  which  will  determine  how  the fancontrol daemon
       regulates the speed of one  or  more  fans  in  your  system  based  on
       temperature  measurements. In particular, you will have the opportunity
       to establish mappings between fans and temperature inputs,  define  the
       temperature  range  over  which the speed of the fan should be adjusted
       dynamically, the minimum speed at which the fan should spin,  etc.  See
       fancontrol(8) for additional information.


       The  term  "PWM"  is used because most fan control systems in computers
       are based on pulse width modulation. Some motherboards however  use  DC
       variation  instead. So, the term "PWM" should be seen as a generic term
       for "fan speed control", regardless of the actual method used.


       fancontrol(8), sensors(1).


       Marius  Reiner  <>,  Jean  Delvare   <khali@linux->