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       optiups  - Driver for Opti-UPS (Viewsonic) UPS and Zinto D (ONLINE-USV)


       This man page only documents  the  hardware-specific  features  of  the
       optiups   driver.    For   information   about  the  core  driver,  see


       optiups was originally written against a PowerES 280es in nut-0.45.  It
       was  revised  for  nut  2.0.1 and tested against a PowerES 420E.  It is
       expected to work with  at  least  the  PowerES,  PowerPS,  and  PowerVS

       This  driver additionally supports a Zinto D from ONLINE USV-Systeme AG
       because of their very similar commands, but it's  unknown  if  it  also
       works with other ups from them.

       This  driver  will  not  work with the PowerES stock serial cable.  You
       will need to construct your own three conductor cable:

              UPS 6 -> PC 3
              UPS 9 -> PC 2
              UPS 4 -> PC 5

       The cable for Online-USV uses pin UPS 7 (not UPS 4) -> PC 5.


       This  driver  supports  the  following   optional   settings   in   the


              Only  poll  for  critical  status  information.   Without  this,
              optiups (and all nut drivers) poll all sorts of information from
              the  UPS  fairly often.  It is probably not often enough to hurt
              anything, so this option probably is not very useful, unless you
              have a flaky serial connection or a highly loaded machine.


              Does  not print warnings when the UPS reports that a variable is
              not implemented or not pollable.  Without the  option  you  will
              get  a  message sent to your system logs each time nut polls the
              ups.  If you specify nowarn_noimp, this  message  will  only  be
              logged once.


              This  forces the low battery flag true.  Without it, if you want
              to test your UPS, you will have to unplug it and wait until  the
              battery  drops  to  a low/critical voltage level before nut will
              respond and power down your system.  With the flag,  nut  should
              power  down  the  system soon after you pull the plug.  When you
              are done testing, you should remove this flag.


              Zinto D from ONLINE-USV cannot be identified  when  switched  to
              standby.   Set  this  flag  to allow the driver to power-up your
              Zinto UPS.  This will also power-up your equipment connected  to
              the ups!


       On  the  420E, ups.serial and ups.temperature are unsupported features.
       This is not a bug in nut or the nut driver, just  the  way  things  are
       with this UPS.


       Russell Kroll, Scott Heavner, Matthias Goebl


   The core driver:

   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page:

                                Fri Jan 20 2006