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       mt-daapd - iTunes-compatible DAAP server


       mt-daapd [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the mt-daapd command.

       mt-daapd,  now  known  as  the Firefly Media Server, is a DAAP (Digital
       Audio Access Protocol) server that  works  with  most  POSIX-compatible
       operating  systems.  It  allows you to share your music collection over
       the local network using the DAAP protocol also used by Apple’s  iTunes.

       mt-daapd  offers  an  integrated  web  interface  for configuration and
       control; the web interface is available on port 3689  (daap)  with  any
       web  browser.  If  mt-daapd  is  running  on the local machine, the web
       interface can be reached at <>.

       The interface requires authentification; credentials are defined in the
       config file, /etc/mt-daapd.conf.

       A summary of options is included below.


       -a     Set current working directory to application directory.

       -d level
              Debug level (0-9).

       -D mod,..,mod
              Debug   modules;   available  modules  are:  config,  webserver,
              database, scan, query, index, browse, playlist, art, daap, main,
              rend, misc.

       -m     Disable mDNS.

       -c file
              Use file as the configuration file.

       -P file
              Write PID to file.

       -f     Run in the foreground.

       -y     Force running as non-root user.

       -b ffid
              ffid to be broadcast in mDNS records.

       -V     Display version information.

       -k     Kill a running daemon (based on pidfile).




       lame(1), faac(1), flac(1), oggenc(1).


       mt-daapd was written by Ron Pedde <>.

       This manual page was written by Rogério Brito <> and
       Julien BLACHE <> for the Debian project (but  may  be
       used by others).