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       mmarch - Rebuild a Mailman list's archive.


       mmarch listname [options] <listname> [<mbox>]


       Use  this  command to rebuild the archives for a mailing list.  You may
       want to do this if you edit some messages in an archive, or remove some
       messages from an archive.

       -h, --help

              Print this error message and exit.

       -q, --quiet

              Make the archiver output less verbose.

       --wipe   First  wipe out the original archive before regenerating.  You
              usually want to specify this argument unless  you're  generating
              the archive in chunks.

       -s N, --start=N

              Start indexing at article N, where article 0 is the first in the
              mbox.  Defaults to 0.

       -e M, --end=M

              End indexing at article M.  This script is  not  very  efficient
              with  respect  to  memory management, and for large archives, it
              may not be possible  to  index  the  mbox  entirely.   For  that
              reason, you can specify the start and end article numbers.

       mbox  is the path to a list's complete mbox archive.  Usually this will
       be some path in the archives/private directory.  For example:

       % mmarch mylist archives/private/mylist.mbox/mylist.mbox

       mbox is optional.  If it is missing, it is calculated.


       Author of Mailman is the Mailman Cabal,  see  for
       information.   This   manpage   is   written   by   Tollef   Fog   Heen
       <> for Debian, but may be used by others.


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