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       mindi - a tool for creating boot/root disks


       mindi -v| --version| -V| -version
       mindi --findkernel
       mindi --makemountlist file
       mindi --usb device
       mindi [--max-compressed-size max] --custom parameters


       mindi  creates  a bootable ISO/USB image using files from the system it
       runs on.  mindi will try hard to reproduce the environment of its  host
       system including loaded modules to ensure that the system can be booted
       properly  from  the  created  rescue   media.    mindi   is   used   by
       monodarchive(8)  to produce the required USB/ISO images but can also be
       used stand-alone.

       For stand-alone usage,  mindi  is  called  without  any  parameters  or
       switches.  It  will then interactively ask the user for all information
       required to create a set of boot/root media.

       The probably more frequent way of calling  mindi  is  non-interactively
       from   mondoarchive(8)   using   the   --custom  switch.  All  required
       information is then provided via command line parameters.  The sequence
       of these parameters is listed below.


       -v| --version| -V| -version


       --makemountlist file
              Creates a mount list and writes it to file file.

       --usb device

       --max-compressed-size max
              Maximum size for disk image in KB.

       --custom parameters
              Provide  all  required  parameters  to mindi for non-interactive
              calling. This usually means a call  from  mondoarchive(8).   The
              following parameters are used:
              01) directory to use for temporary files
              02) directory to put disk images in
              03) path to kernel image
              04) tape device
              05) tape size [MB]
              06) total number of files in file list
              07) use LZO [yes|no]
              08) CD recovery media [yes|no]
              09) devices to include
              10) conservative LiLo settings [yes|no]
              11) number of last file list
              12) estimated total number of slices
              13) devices to exclude
              14) compare mode [yes|no]
              15) use lilo [yes|no]
              16) use star (rather than tar) [yes|no]
              17) internal tape block size [bytes]
              18) number of diffenrential backup
              19) make non-bootable [yes|no]
              20) use gzip [yes|no]
              (Blank  parameters must be specified as "" on the command line.)


       mindi writes some output to the console and  extensive  information  to
       log file /var/log/mindi.log.  When seeking technical support for mindi,
       please attach this file to your email.


              Log file of mindi run. Contains important information to analyze
              mindi problem reports.

              List of files to be included on boot/root disks.

              Number  N  of  multiple  tar balls together containing root file
              system for rescue media.

              Single tar ball of root file system for rescue media.

              initrd image for bootable ISO image.

              mindi boot media of size F [KB].

              mindi root media of size F [KB].

              mindi data media number N for boot/root media.

              mindi bootable ISO image.


       mondoarchive(8), mondorestore(8).

       See mailing list at for technical support.


       Bruno Cornec (lead-development)
       Andree Leidenfrost (co-developper)


       Hugo Rabson (original author)
       Jesse Keating (packaging)
       Stan Benoit (testing)
       Mikael Hultgren (docs)