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       mgnokiidev - links /dev/gnokii to a virtual modem


       mgnokiidev /dev/pts/?


       mgnokiidev is a tool from the gnokii tool suite used to create the link
       /dev/gnokii that points to a pseudo-tty (/dev/pts/?).

       It is called after gnokiid has created a virtual modem that is attached
       to  the  pty.   It’s  operation  is  transparent  under normal usage as
       gnokiid takes care of calling it when required.

       Since mgnokiidev must modifiy files in /dev, it must be either  run  as
       root  or  SUID root.  The latter is the preferred method.  Normally the
       mgnokiidev binary is chmod 4750 and owned by root.gnokii.

       gnokii is a Linux/Unix tool suite and (eventually) modem/fax driver for
       Nokia mobile phones, released under the GPL.

       gnokii  supports  most  phones from the 3810/8110 and 5110/6110 series,
       details including bugs specific to each  series  appear  in  the  files
       Docs/README-3810 and Docs/README-6110 respectively.


       Various error messages are printed to STDERR.


       None reported.


       Hugh    Blemings    <>    and    Pavel    Janik    ml.
       <> are the authors of the gnokii tool suite.

       This manual page was written by Erik Rossen <>.

       See also Docs/CREDITS from the gnokii sources.


       This program is distributed under the GNU Public License.


       gnokiid, gnokii