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       lnpd - a LinuX Interface to the BrickOS Networking Protocol


       lnpd   [-emseconds]   [-f]   [-l]   [-mnumber]   [-n]   [-pport]   [-r]
       [-ttty_device] [-vlevel]


       lnpd is a LinuX daemon that allows multiple clients  to  connect  to  a
       LEGO  RCX  running  Markus  L.  Noga’s  famous BrickOS (formerly legOS)
       operating system and exchange messages using the LNP protocol.


       A summary of options understood by lnpd

       -d     Don’t go into background

              Extra wait time for lnp

              Run LNP at 4800 baud

              Enable logging to syslog or file
              NOTE: filename of ’-’ means to log to stdout.

              Set max number of lnpd clients (default 16).

              Do not manage tty lockfiles.

              Daemon should listen on port {TCP_Port}. Default is port 7776.

              Run daemon in realtime mode.

              Use {tty_device}. Defaults to /dev/ttyS0.

              Enable enhanced logging. Valid levels are: d, l, i, a, and c.

       -h     Show similar help text at command-line.

       -u     Show short usage message.

              Display lnpd version

              Mandatory or option arguments to long options are also mandatory
              or optional for any corresponding short options.


              The default device for lnpd. (Also See -t: in OPTIONS, above).

              sample BrickOS code to be built and downloaded to your RCX. This
              code allows you to quickly ascertain that  the  lnpd  daemon  is
              working with your RCX and lnpd installation.

              a  simple  test  program which uses lnpd to communicate with the
              lnptest program downloaded into your RCX for testing  with  this


       You’ll  find additional documentation in /usr/share/doc/lnpd (on Debian
       GNU/Linux systems)


       lnpd was written  by  Martin  Cornelius  <>
       This     man     page     was     written     by     Stephen     Moraco

                               January 16, 2005